If you are planning to have your wedding this year, then you should better familiarize yourself with the newest wedding trends. In 2017, weddings become more and more untraditional, different and colourful. Also, couples will prefer class and modern style over the until-recently popular retro and vintage looks and designs. Here are the top wedding trends:

Wedding Flowers – The most popular wedding flower this year will be the peony. However, brides who want to have this flower at their Big Day should keep in mind that it blooms in only two months of the year. The good news is that they can always replace it with garden roses. Their petals are also soft like those of the peony and they are available for a longer period of time!

Wedding Cakes  – There will be three types of wedding cakes that will be seen this year – traditional, clean and extremely colourful. The traditional cakes will imitate some elements from the bridal gown. Cakes with clean designs will also be huge in 2017. They will have a modern look with only one applique like a monogram, bow or a flower. The third kind of cake that will dominate at weddings over the next 12 months is the extremely colourful one. It will include lots of embellishment and bright colours.

Green Weddings  – No, we are not talking about a wedding palette. In 2017, weddings will be eco-friendly. This trend already started in 2016 and now it will continue throughout the entire 2017 year! Everything will be recycled, tree-free or plantable! In addition, even the invitations and the favors will go green.

Wedding Palettes  – Over the next few months, wedding palettes will lose some of their colour. That is because the popular wedding shades in 2017 will include taupe, black and grey. To add some life to the wedding, you can mix these tones with blush.

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