Summer weddings are very popular among couples who plan to connect their lives forever. However, cold-days wedding celebrations also have their own specific charm. If you have scheduled your Big Day to November, December or some other cold month, you may consider choosing a wedding palette that is different from the typical bright and sunny layouts.

Do not be afraid to use darker and bolder colours. Try to combine them with the atmosphere of the season. A good choice for cold-day weddings is the so-called tartan wedding palette. It is new, fresh and just rising!

The tartan wedding palette uses the patterns in the traditional Scottish textile and fabrics. The main colours in the palette are tartan green, redhead, hunter green and holly berry. You can easily mix them without worrying that things may go wrong.

This wedding palette is suitable for brides who have very white or even pale skin, because it will bring back the colours to their cheeks. Also, these tones are perfect for redheads, since it is neither too bright, nor too dark. In other words, tartan colours will make any red hair stand out in a very majestic and fairy manner.

Those of you who are planning a wedding in Scotland or simply a Scottish themed wedding ceremony can also take advantage of this combination of colours. In fact, you are not likely to find a more suitable palette for a Scottish-related Big Day. Why? Because these tones can bring a sense of style, tradition and even history to your precious event.

The tartan palette is also very appropriate for country weddings. In addition, it goes very well with more rustic decorations. Couples who plan to marry in an old country mansion or house, surely won’t be disappointed with these colours, since they can add more to the rural charm of the environment.

So if you are planning a wedding in the colder days of the year, or you want to tie the knot in Scotland, you can try using the tartan palette. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all!

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