Royal Wedding in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s Crown Prince Guillaume and Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy married in a grandiose ceremony in the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

Despite the fact that this royal wedding was far less publicized and promoted than William and Kate’s Big Day, it still did not lack style and pomposity. Celebrations started two days before the actual wedding ceremony. Right after they tied the knot, Guillaume and Stephanie went out of the Cathedral surrounded by soldiers. Then the couple passed under an impressive arch of swords.

The Prince and the Countess were then kind enough to join the enthusiastic crowds on the streets of Luxembourg City. Following the traditions, they patiently waved to the people from their vehicle. Just like William and Kate, Guillaume and Stephanie ended the wedding celebrations with a kiss on the balcony of the Royal Palace.

The wedding was attended by many royal guests. Among them were Britain’s Prince Edward and his wife, Sweden’s Prince Daniel and Princess Victoria, Japan’s Prince Naruhito and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Luxembourg’s Prince Guillaume is heir to the Grand Duchy’s throne. An interesting fact is that Countess Stephanie has agreed to give up her Belgian citizenship. In that way, she will have right to wear the title “Grand Duchess” after her husband is crowned.

Thousands of people watched the Royal Wedding on their televisions. Those who took the streets to witness the event live were provided with huge screens for a better experience. In addition, the wedding was shown in countries all over the world like Russia, Morocco, China and the US.

Stephanie’s wedding gown was designed by Elie Saab. It was made mainly of lace and it had a 5-meter-long train. Because of the historical background of Luxembourg, the wedding followed different German, Luxembourgish and French traditions. At the wedding banquet were invited over 800 guests.

Like with every royal event, there were mementos and souvenirs. Stores around the city lured people with special chocolates, champagne and china created to capture the celebrations for the Royal Wedding.

Prince Guillaume’s choice of bride is highly approved in the royal circles. Stephanie is part of the Belgian nobility. In addition, she is well-educated and is known as a good housekeeper. It seems the Countess will not only make a good princess, but a good wife too!

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