Red and Camel – Perfect Wedding Palette

If you are still wondering about the color palette of your wedding, we have some trendy ideas for you.  We suggest that you go for the stylish combo of camel and red, because it combines the traditionally neutral with the passionate color of love! Here are a few ideas how you can do it.

First, choose centerpieces that will achieve maximum impact with just one type of bloom. You can use ruby-red ranunculus “planted” in sleek lacquer boxes. Fill each vessel with damp floral foam to form a base for the arrangements, stick in the stems, and then camouflage the foam with coleus leaves. This would look absolutely stunning on a stylish tablecloth in the neutral camel color. As a finishing touch, tie a red ribbon around each beige napkin and top with a bow.

As far as the favors wrapping is concerned, you can use the flash of crimson on a classic camel coat since these colors know how to make a lasting impression. You can dress parting gifts in designer details, including a horn-shaped coat toggle, fishnet wrap, and a logo-inspired monogram. The camel tones will make your gifts look very stylish while the crimson touch will enliven the traditional look.

You should also dress your bridesmaids in a way corresponding to the wedding color palette. The combination of camel and red allows you to do it very easily because the neutral tones will look beautiful on almost every woman. Choose dresses in camel tones and pair them with vibrant shoes and bags. In this way your best friends will feel and look elegant and, at the same time, playful. The red accents will definitely pop on the beige background and so will your bridesmaids.

These are just a few tips how you can use the color palette of camel and red in order to have a traditionally elegant, yet memorable wedding ceremony!

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