Ideas for Magical Fall Wedding

Fall is a great season for wedding. It is full of colors and provides the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony. Here are a few ideas that may inspire you for your big day.

Usually, fall is associated with nature and its fertility and with the inevitability of change. You can combine these two themes in your ceremony in a very simple, yet original way – marry beneath a tree. Bring indoors urns filled with arching Bradford pear branches, decorate with gold leaves and add a fairy-tale sheen. There is nothing more beautiful than nature and nothing will symbolize the occurring change in your life better than the gold leaves. The whole setting will make you feel as if you are in a fairy land, which will add a magical flavor to your wedding.

Believe it or not, foliage can also turn into a great accent at your wedding. It can even oust flowers. Put dried leaves in your flower girl basket instead of petals and you will see how beautiful and original it will look. If you can’t find fall foliage  when you wed, you can always order pressed leaves online. Use leaves with different hues (yellow, red, brown and all the shades in between). In this way you will create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Moreover, you will feel closer to nature, which will instantly reduce the stress you might be feeling.

Another great idea for your wedding inspired by the season is using seasonal fruits as centerpieces and decoration. For example a pumpkin shell can turn into a vase for an arrangement of roses, daffodils, ranunculus, calla lilies, tulips, and hypericum berries in fall colors. You can also prop seating cards atop beautiful pomegranates which are rich in color and will attract the attention of your guests. Also, an original arrangement of colorful fruit and vegetables can turn into a magnificent centerpiece. It may even look more beautiful than a traditional fall flower centerpiece.

All in all, it seems that the beauty of fall can be just the inspiration you need for your wedding and nature may turn out to be the best “decoration”.

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