Hold We Have an Engagement Party

Nowadays many couples start to consider having an engagement party and there are good reasons for that. Of course, organizing such an event has its pros and cons. Here is what we think on the matter.

First, the engagement party may be a way of announcing your engagement to your friends and family in a fun way. There are no rules whether the event should be formal and informal, so it is up to you to choose the option that best corresponds to your personality. Here you dont have to stick to tedious traditions and you can simply gather your closest friends and enjoy the occasion.

Nevertheless, there is something that you should certainly do – organize your guest list. Usually the engagement party is supposed to happen at least 6 months before the big day and that is why many people decide against it – the guest list for the wedding is not something that you make in a day.

However, the guest list may also turn into a great reason to have an engagement party. As we all know a wedding can cost you a lot and sometimes you have to remove people who you want to invite from the guest list just to save some cash. The engagement party gives you the opportunity to celebrate your commitment to each other with everyone you want for less money.

Having an engagement party is also the perfect option for people who plan to have a destination wedding. It may be the only opportunity for your friends or for some members of your family to celebrate with you. Dont take that away from them!

All in all, the advantages of having an engagement party seem to highly outweigh the disadvantages. So, start sending invitations and enjoy every step of the way to your big day!

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