Flower Girls – Responsibilities and Inspiring Ideas

You have already decided to include a flower girl in your ceremony and that’s great. But there are few things regarding the little angel (such as attire, age, responsibilities) that you should consider.

Here are the basic items you will need for your flower girl’s ensemble dress, tights or pretty anklets, dress or ballet shoes, tiara or hair ribbons, jewelry (a pearl necklace as a keepsake is appropriate), and flower girl basket, flower bouquet or a candle.

The average age of most flower girls is 3-8 years old and  it would be a good idea to make special arrangements for young flower girls as they can be unpredictable. You can have two flower girls in place of a flower girl/ring bearer combo. Moreover, nowadays it is becoming more and more popular to have multiple flower girls in the wedding.

Some venues do not allow flower girls to drop flower petals on the aisle and that is why they use silk petals instead, or hold flower bouquets or artificial candles.

The tradition dictates that the parents of the flower girl pay for the dress. Of course, there are exceptions to the “who pays” rule – for example, when the bride and groom are paying for the entire wedding party attire, or when want to give the flower girl her dress as a special gift.

Here are a few inspiring ideas about flower girls’ attires and accessories: 

  • Make your tiniest attendants bloom by handing them posy-topped rice-paper parasols.
  • Outline your flower girl’s ballet flats with two rows of sequins.
  • Flower girls look enchanting with butterflies fluttering on their dresses and  the appliques are easy to attach with a needle and thread.
  • Handmade blossom headbands will also look just adorable on your sweet flower girl.
  • Lace details on the flower girls petticoat can also be made by printing on heat transfer paper and ironing on to the petticoat fabric.
  • Make a crown of vintage silk flowers for your flower girl.
  • Consider giving the little princess an easy-to-make ribbon bouquet with built-in handle because children are often not very careful with flowers.
  • Add a vintage striped linen-silk band to the flower girls simple white dress (it will make a great sash).



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