Engagement Gifts – Traditional and Modern Approach

We decided to draw your attention to the tradition of giving engagement gifts and to show you how it changed and evolved in the course of time.

Traditional Engagement Gifts

In the past, only close family members and the closest of friends gave engagement gifts to the couple, while other well-wishers waited to send presents for the actual wedding.

The first engagement party of the couple was a family affair and an opportunity for the parents to bestow a treasured family heirloom on their soon-to-be-married child or the child’s intended partner. The items usually had little financial value and emphasis was laid on sentiment and, possibly, tradition. There could even be an implied or direct request regarding the item, for example to wear it on your wedding day. Usually it was entirely up to the couple whether or not to honor the request.

Modern Engagement Gifts

Nowadays, engagement gifts imply something very different. The gift giver doesn’t have to be a relative and the gift usually is not an heirloom, even though it could have sentimental value.Moreover, an engagement gift can be given by anyone, anytime, and be nearly anything, but it is not required.

However, if you do decide to give an engagement gift, you should keep in mind the couple’s likes, dislikes, and present status in life. For example, a couple that met in their early 30s may have already accumulated all the kitchen appliances they could ever want, so you should go for something else. You can also ask a well-intentioned relative of the couple what the couple might need or want. It would be nice to at least try to guess what they might need—and if possible to provide a return receipt.

All in all, you can see that engagement parties and traditions have never been about expensive gifts, but rather for bringing happiness and good wishes for the engaged couple. Check out our Gift section to find out all about Wedding Gifts or check out the exclusive Engagement Gift section.

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