How to Choose Bridal Shower Planner

Nowadays the bridal shower has become one of the most popular pre-wedding parties but it is an event that the bride should not organize herself. Here are all the how’s and why’s that may be helpful to you!

The tradition dictates that the maid of honor or chief bridesmaid should organize the bridal shower and the details should be kept as a surprise from you. However, the maid of honor may be too busy with other things to organize it. In this case it can be a nice idea to ask your other bridesmaids to organize it together and this could be a great way of getting them involved in the wedding celebrations because they usually have very little to do until the day itself.

You can also ask your groom’s mother to organize the bridal shower.  Generally she should only organize and host the rehearsal dinner so asking her to organize the shower would make her feel like a part of the wedding preparations. There is no better way for you to win the favor of your future mother-in-low!

Nevertheless, if you want to stick to etiquette, then the bridal shower should not be organized by any member of the bride or groom’s immediate family. This includes not only planning but also paying for the party. In short, this means that your mother, siblings or their spouses should not be involved because it is generally considered to be inappropriate for the family to give gifts to the couple. So, you can assign the task of organizing your bridal shower to anyone who is not immediate family.

However, it is unlikely that anyone would be offended if a member of your family did organize the bridal shower. All in all, the best thing you can do is to choose the person you think is best suited to the job and who has the time to plan a shower to remember.

Good luck!

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