Bridal Shower Explained

The bridal shower is one of our favorite pre-wedding parties and that is why we decided to answer to the most frequently asked questions regarding the event.

Let’s start with who should be invited and who organizes the event. Usually, the guest list should include the closest female friends and relatives of the bride-to-be (along with the groom mom, sister, and other close female friends and family). Traditionally, the maid of honor or the bridesmaids plan the party, and that is why the bride should be considerate when organizing the guest list – more people mean more expenses for her friends.

As far as timing is concerned, the shower should take place on a date which is relatively close to the wedding if many guests are traveling from out of town. In this way it will be easier for them to attend. However, if this is not the case, you should have it four months or more before the wedding, so that it will add to the anticipation, without adding to the bride last minute stress.

Another frequently asked question is the question about bridal shower gifts. Traditionally, the bridal shower is the moment when the best friends of the bride-to-be shower her with gifts and prepare her to start her own household. In the past, bridal showers were organized when women wanted to marry unsuitable husband and thus their families refused to provide a dowry. Then the friends of the couple would gather to make up for the lack of a dowry. Nowadays, the bridal shower is supposed to be for the bride and the gifts generally are just for her. Of course, you can also choose a gift for the house (from the registry), but we would advise against it!

These were the three most frequently asked questions about bridal showers. Hope, we’ve been a help!

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