Book your Honeymoon With Qatar Airways Holidays

Qatar Airways Holidays – the perfect choice for the perfect honeymoon experience

The offers of Qatar Airways Holidays are tailor-made to ultimately ease the planning any type of travel, be it holiday or honeymoon. Packages include plane tickets, various types of accommodation suitable to anyones taste and budget, taxes and services, as well as great tour offers. In this way you can organize your trip in no time and just enjoy the prospects of your honeymoon, instead of dealing with the tiresome task of book your plane tickets and hotel rooms separately. What is more, Qatar Airways Holidays’ offers include day-by-day programs and activities to make your honeymoon even more exciting.

Rest assured, you will be intrigued by the propositions of Qatar Airways Holidays, because it seems that they have a little something for absolutely everyone. Honeymoon trip is supposed to be romantic and relaxing, so feel free to indulge yourself and take advantage of the fantastic offers designed to suite each taste and expectations.

If you are looking for a beach honeymoon, you will definitely be interested in the great destinations proposed to you by Qatar Airways Holidays. You can choose between Gold Coast, Maldives, Phuket and Seychelles. These destinations will entice you with clear turquoise waters, soft white sand, palm fringed coral islands vibrant with sunlight and the sound of the sea. Moreover, these propositions provide you with the opportunity to have the perfect beach honeymoon all year round, in spite of the season or the climate in your country.

The offers of Qatar Airways Holidays are also perfect if you want to have a wedding ceremony in an exotic destination and fly all your family with you. The  airline has considered the needs of everyone by offering Disneyland specia offers in France and Hong Kong. There are also special family-designed offers in Malaysia, UAE, and the USA. These special offers are designed to provide entertainment and relaxation.

Qatar Airways Holidays is the perfect choice for your honeymoon or romantic getaway. In particular, the Maldives, Seychelles and Thailand are the perfect starting point of your romantic journey. These destinations offer the perfect “background” for romantic experiences and passionate temptations.

Of course, Qatar Airways Holidays  can also offer something for its more adventure–loving honeymoon makers. The Safari offers will surely be appreciated by some not only for their exotic destinations, but also for the unique opportunity to explore the wildlife and to observe animals in their natural habitat. The more curious will also be intrigued by the Culture and History tours which are perfect if you want to become more acquainted with cultures and traditions from all over the world.

Qatar Airways Holidays is the perfect choice for your honeymoon. It will not only ease the planning and the organization of this once-in-a-lifetime trip, but it will also provide you with great ideas for entertaining activities designed to appeal to you, your family, or your “better half”.


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