5 Famous Men Who Took the Last Names of Their Wives

Over the last few years, there is a new trend in marriage. More and more men add the last names of their wives to theirs or completely replace them. Celebrities are no exception to that. In fact, some believe that this tendency emerged first in Hollywood and now it is taking over some parts of the world. We have prepared five rich and famous gentlemen who are or were very dedicated to their wives and their last names.

  • John Lennon – When the famous Beatles married Yoko One back in 1969 he added her last name to his. He later explained that was a logical thing to do since Yoko did the same for him. In addition, he said that he really like the letter “O” because he believed it brought him good luck.
  • Jay-Z – The rap singer may seem a tough guy, but all that changes when he is around Beyonce. When the music couple tied the knot in 2008, Shawn Carter (the real name of the singer) not only added B.’s surname to his. He hyphenated it Knowles-Carter. That was a precedent in Hollywood. Later, it was revealed that this was a gesture to Beyonce’s parents who had no son to keep the family name “Knowles” alive.
  • Jack White – The White Stripes musician married his band-mate Meg White in 1996 and changed his last name Gillis with hers. Although the couple divorced only four years later, Jack still uses his ex-wife’s name.
  • Lorenzo Lamas – Just like Jay-Z, Lorenzo Lamas hyphenated his last name with that of his wife becoming Lorenzo Lamas-Craig. However, unlike Jay-Z, Lamas does not have a stage name which could save him the confusion.
  • John Mohr – The actor married his colleague Nikki Cox in 2006. Two years after that, on their anniversary, Mohr decided to surprise his wife by taking her last name. Now the official full name of the actor is Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr.
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