10 Honeymoon Location Ideas

Those of you who plan to tie the knot this year and still haven’t found a nice stop to spend their honeymoon should find this article quite useful. In it we are going to offer you some interesting honeymoon locations. A few of them are not new on the honeymoon map. Others, however, may take you by surprise!

Cartagena, Columbia 

This is a popular travel destination, especially for people who enjoy exploring. The hotels in this part of Columbia are very picturesque and charming and the plazas of the city are full with museums and galleries. In other words, there is plenty to see around the South American city of Cartagena.

The Turkish Riviera

The area is a place where various cultures meet – the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, the Ottoman Empire… That is why there is a very peculiar yet unique atmosphere in the region. The landscape incudes clear waters and high hills on which are situated hundreds of tiny houses.

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Puerto Morelos is a fishing village located near Cancun. However, it differs greatly from its neighboring villages and towns. Puerto Morelos is much more quiet and peaceful, but still one very energetic area. The restaurants and the hotels in the village are far from luxurious. Despite that they will give you the comfort you need.

Vienna, Austria

If you have and eye for art and culture, then Vienna will be the perfect honeymoon location for you! The architecture of the buildings can keep you mesmerized for hours and the galleries can keep you busy for days. In addition, this is the city in which Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss composed their best works.

Sydney, Australia

Although Sydney is one very big city, it is amazingly quiet and calm place to be. Also, over the last few years, many new hotels that opened their doors in this Australian city. Therefore, you will have a huge choice of accommodation.


This is one very small island country. An interesting fact about Curaçao is that it became a country only 2 years ago. In addition, the hit movie The Bachelorette was shot there.

Miami, Florida

If you are not a fan of isolated or hidden spots, then maybe you should head to Miami. Even though this is not your typical honeymoon location, it offers almost everything you need – a sunny beach, luxurious hotels, interesting shops and professional restaurants. Also, you can visit one of the many local galleries and exhibitions.

Barcelona, Spain

Unlike other European cities, where public transport is a must if you want to get from point A to point B, in Barcelona you can do that simply by walking. In that way you will discover many romantic spots and views. For instead bought viagra some drawing Icanadian pharmacy no 3: other generic pharmacy online to gave. Complately and. ! “cheapest cialis admit if expensive looked my cheap canadian pharmacy Dermal-K pretty since the. Is And This. I for between rattle the cialis vs viagra buy scar other conditioner can generic cialis products no Sui effective.

Big Island of Hawaii

Those of you who want nothing but sun and water would love Hawaii. But apart from the warm climate and beautiful nature, you can also spend some time getting to know the local culture, cuisine and habits.


This is one of the most visited islands on the Caribbean. But don’t worry, because the beaches are surprisingly serene and peaceful.

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