There are a lot of rings out there that look so beautiful when they are on display and you wish to buy them all. However, some of them may look not so good on your finger. So, in order to avoid buying something that is not quite right for you just have to follow our tips whose one and only aim is to help you find the perfect jewelry for you.

When buying a ring, many people forget to take into consideration their hands, fingers and comfort. In order to get a jewelry that fits your specific type of hand, you should take into account all three factors. Just take a look at your hands and see if they are wide or narrow and if your fingers are short, long or thin. It is just like clothing – some things look great on models but they don’t look good on you. Anyway, don’t worry – we will help you to find the perfect fit!

First, if you have small thin hands, you shouldn’t go for rings which are too massive and heavy. Try filigree or Celtic designs and you will see that they look much better on your finger. Not to mention the fact that they are much more comfortable. Wide bands are not totally out of the question as long as they are not too wide and don’t keep you from closing your hands completely.

Wide bands are the perfect match for long slim fingers. As a matter of fact, most rings will suit long slim fingers. However, you should avoid too narrow rings – stick with about a quarter inch and more width in the front.

Ladies with short and chubby fingers should never go for wide bands if they want to feel comfortable. Thinner bands with the front part small to medium size will suit short fingers best. Nevertheless, if you really insist on wide bands, you should choose one that tapers down in the back to about a quarter of an inch or less. Another option for you is to try a colorful stone that will attract the attention.

No matter if your fingers are short or long, thin or chubby, you can still find a jewelry that looks great on them. Just follow our tips and finding the perfect fit will be a piece of cake.

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Last updated on September 10, 2017 5:16 am
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