How to Organize a Memorable New Year’s Eve Wedding

Spending New Year’s Eve with the person you love most in the world is a very romantic thing to do. However, there is something even more romantic you can do on that special night – to celebrate your wedding! Here are some inspiring New Year’s Eve wedding ideas and useful tips just for you.

First, let’s talk about the clothes! Of course, you know that everyone will dress up for your special day. So how about turning your wedding into a special black-tie event? In this way you will make everyone not only to dress up, but also to wear their best attires! Any bride will look perfect in a long satin dress surrounded by your bridesmaids who are dressed in black velvet gowns. The gentlemen will, of course, wear stylish black tuxedos.

As far as decoration is concerned, you should try to create an atmosphere which is as festive as possible. Achieving that is not difficult at all! Just place noise makers, party hats, candles and confetti on the tables. Also, you cannot go without balloons, white lights, and glittery snowflakes. Place them everywhere around your guests. In addition, you should put large clocks on the walls so that they can count down to the big moment! Another interesting idea is to place balloons in a netting over the dance floor. You can drop them at the stroke of midnight.

Having a New Year’s Eve wedding is great, but you should consider timing very carefully. First, send out your invitations three months in advance instead of two because it is a holiday. Also, make it a late event. Set its start for around 7 or 8, so that it will be easier for your guests to stay through the stroke of midnight. And don’t forget to warn your friends and family to have something to eat before coming to your party since you should serve a late dinner!

Finally, keep in mind that the New Year’s Eve is about new beginnings, so there cannot be a more appropriate time for a wedding! Moreover, while watching the fireworks you will get the feeling that the whole world is celebrating with you.


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