Justin Timberlake Wedding Video Scandal

The romantic wedding of Hollywood stars Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel was dragged into a huge scandal. Few days ago, a video made specially for the big wedding leaked in the Internet. The video received great public negativity because it made fun of homeless people.

The disturbing video is 8-minutes long and it includes staged greetings from various homeless people. In addition, they pretend to be buddies of the couple and more specifically “[their] Hollywood friends who couldn’t make it [to the wedding]”.

A voice off-camera can also be heard in the video. It repeatedly makes the homeless actors send various congratulations and best wishes to the wedded couple. Moreover, the person behind the camera even told one of the people in the video to keep his shirt off.

The inappropriate video was reportedly shot by Timberlake’s friend Justin Huchel. The video is now taken down from most of the websites on which it was published due to a request made by Huchel’s official attorney. The joker’s lawyer refused to comment on the scandal and he even threated journalists with a lawsuit.

However, Huchel’s attorney clearly stated the Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had nothing to do with the video and were even unaware of it before it was shown to them on their wedding day. He added that the recording was supposed to be for private use and screening only.

Huchel himself didn’t say much on the case except that the video was stolen from him.

Not long after the distasteful “greeting card” hit the web, Mr. Timberlake published a long letter of apology on his official website. Despite not being the one who shot the video, Justin apologized to the public and his fans. He was even so kind to stand behind his friends and to try to defend their actions. JT wrote that the authors of the recording are “good people”, but they “lapse in judgment”.

Nevertheless, Timberlake did not palliate his friends’ actions and he even stated that he would make Justin Huchel “do at least 100 hours of community service”.

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