When you start planning your wedding you should first consider the season and the colours you want. If the Big Day is in the spring, then you can use cherry blossoms for inspiration and have a Japanese spring wedding.

If you have dreamed of a sweet and delicate wedding ceremony, cherry blossoms are the perfect choice. They are the unofficial symbol of Japan, and range in colours from white to pale pink and dark pink. Since they are very beautiful and delicate, you can arrange the whole wedding in this style. Keep all the details simple and fresh, without bright colours or too much decoration.

The first thing you need to do is to choose the flowers – cherry blossoms, of course. You can also use white and pink roses. They will add love and warm tenderness to the atmosphere. As table centerpieces use tall white vases with just a few cherry blossom branches inside.

Hang white paper lanterns around the reception room. Use white napkins with light pink or brown napkin rings. Then place wide-open Japanese fans for decorations. Use more pastel hues like cherry blossom pink, light forest or shamrock green, cream or maize yellow. Also, don’t create an entirely pink wedding – nobody will like it, not even you.

Transfer the cherry blossom theme to the wedding cake. You can also use it on your veil. However, keep it white and put only little pink decorations on top of the head. The groom’s tie, links and all kinds of accessories can also be in pale pink.

You can also serve pink champagne for the toasts. A cherry cocktail will be also very appropriate. In addition, serve non-alcoholic cherry punch for those who don’t drink alcohol. Your wedding invitations will be very elegant with Japanese-style drawings in pale pink and light brown.

Let everything be simple and you will have an elegant and a real Japanese spring wedding.

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