Hot Trends in Wedding Accessories

Accessories are an integral part of your wedding look, just like your dress. So, you should combine them carefully and don’t forget that, just like clothes, accessories follow certain trends. Here are some tips about what is popular right now.

Ornamented and bold bracelets, especially encrusted with stones in the shades of blue, pink or gold. Moonlight stones are very popular. Their pale color will go perfectly with almost every nuance of white and it will make you look elegant and classy. However, if you want to look more playful on your big day you can choose a pink crystal bracelet, which is a real hit this season. It will add some color to your clothing. Just make sure that you don’t put on too many colorful items because it will look tacky.   Golden bracelets are another hot trend this year. Usually, they are encrusted with faux diamonds to add to the sparkling effect. This accessory will definitely make you shine!

Some brides overlook the role of the earrings but if you want to look really classy on your wedding day, you should not make that mistake. The appropriate jewelry will attract the attention to your face and will highlight your beauty. Floral earrings are really popular this season. They are usually in the different shades of blue or pink and gold. Classic diamond and pearl earrings, of course, are still very popular but this season brides have the opportunity to choose what best fits their personality and still remain faithful to fashion trends. Anyway, you should be careful with colors – for example, never combine a golden ornamented bracelet with green emerald earrings.

This is the wedding season of colors and floral jewelries! They are just as important as your dress, so don’t waste your time and go find your perfect wedding accessories – you already know what you should look for!

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