Fly in Luxury to Your Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations

Fly Emirates and enjoy top level service and facilities!

Over 120 destinations across six continents – this is where Emirates airline  can take you. What more you could desire for your honeymoon travel. If you dream about wedding in exotic destination, dont think twice, choose to fly in luxury with Emirates!

From its hub in Dubai or elsewhere, the airline can take you travel around the world with style. You will surely be amazed by the  most modern Emirate planes and the impeccable services available for the passengers.

First, let’s see the deluxe services that Emirates A380 can offer to honeymoon makers and brides and grooms-to-be. Who would imagine that one day people will have the opportunity to freshen up with a shower spa in the sky? Obviously, the creators of Emirates A380 toke such an amazing opportunity into consideration. The A380 has two on-board shower with a state-of-the-art shower system and classic walnut and marble design.

The designers of Emirates A380 have also taken into account the social needs of their passengers when creating First Class and Business Class Onboard Lounges that offer the perfect mid-flight diversions. These places provide you with the perfect opportunity to have a snack or a beverage, or just to have a casual conversation with the other passengers.

Emirates super planes are also suited to please newlyweds with exclusive offers of its Emirates First Class Private Suite. It is specially designed for people who enjoy privacy and don’t want to be disturbed by other passengers during the flight. Each suite is fully equipped with a sliding door, a personal mini-bar, adjustable ambient lighting, and its own vanity table, mirror, wardrobe. If you decide to stretch out and sleep, the crew will convert your seat to a fully flat bed with a mattress, so you can arrive at your  honeymoon destination totally refreshed.

Another “spicy” offer on the Emirates A380 is the fantastic menu. It impresses not only with the great variety of dining choices, but also with the healthy options menu. The dishes reflect cuisine from different regions around the globe and professional chefs prepare them with locally sourced ingredients.

Emirates A380 also provides honeymoon goers with the opportunity to “stay connected” during the whole flight. Its OnAir Wi-Fi service lets you use your tablet, smartphone or laptop throughout the journey. All Emirates A380s are fitted with OnAir Wi-Fi, but the service is offered on selected flights. (Ask your cabin crew when you board if Wi-Fi is available.) Along with Wi-Fi, every seat on board the Emirates A380 has a satellite telephone and an email and SMS service.

Emirates A380 is designed to offer the perfect journey for everyone. You can relax and freshen up, socialize or even work and the plane will give the opportunity to do all that with style. If you want to see all great offers and services introduced by Emirates A380 for yourself you should definitely check out their


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