What Should the Families of the Bride and Groom Wear

he bride and groom spend weeks and even months searching for the perfect wedding gown and suit. However, not many people know that the family of the newlyweds should also pay extra attention to their outfits.

The possibilities for clothes choice for the key relatives are countless, but there is one thing that they need to keep in mind – the wedding theme. They need to combine their outfits with the general theme of the event. Let’s now take a look at some suggestions that can help the families of the bride and the groom to decide what to wear on that important day.

The Father of the Bride/Groom 

Usually, the fathers of the newlyweds dress up either in a formal suit or in a tuxedo. It is important to pick more traditional colours like black, charcoal or navy. In addition, it will be better if the outfit of the fathers combines well with those of the groom or the groomsmen. Also, the proud dads can add an accessory that will coordinate their suits with the dress of the bride. For example, you can put flowers in your chest pocket that are similar to those in the bride’s bouquet.

The Mother of the Bride/Groom

Dear mums, avoid picking a dress before the bride. It is good if you get an outfit that goes well with the wedding theme and the bridal gown. However, remember that your dress must not imitate that of the bride. Instead, buy an outfit that will only compliment it. The two mothers can also coordinate each other’s dresses. For instance, they can pick outfits that have similar colours, design or fabrics. In addition, do not get a dress before discussing your choice with the bride.

The Brother of the Bride/Groom 

Similar to the dads, the brothers of the bride and the groom should wear suits that look more or less like those of the groom and the groomsmen.

The Sister of the Bride/Groom 

Like the mothers, don’t buy your dress before the bride or before you have consulted with her. Traditionally, the sister of the bride has to dress in the same colour as her. However, she should pick a different shade so that she won’t cast a shadow over the bride.

It always makes a good impression when the families of the newlyweds are dressed in style and coordination. Therefore, make an effort and find outfits that will make you stand out from the guests. However, don’t get too carried away! Don’t upstage the bride and groom. After all, this is their Big Day!

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