Like every other fashion item, engagement rings also have their trends. Therefore, gentlemen, if you are planning to propose this year, you should first familiarize yourselves with the engagement ring trends for this year. This year there are a few new styles and designs. However, most of the last year trends are either comebacks or leftovers from the last couple of years.


This will be the top trend in engagement rings for this year! Many gentlemen will be happy to hear that since, apart from pretty, emeralds are rather affordable. But don’t worry! Even the rich and the famous go for emerald engagement rings. Among them are Halle Berry and Mariah Carey.


After Price William proposed to Kate Middleton with Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, diamonds were quickly forgotten. Probably that is also because, just like diamonds, sapphires are very elegant and sophisticated. In addition, they can be used in various designs – from circular and oval to rectangular. Also, this stone is very durable since it is the hardest one after the diamond.

Vintage is Back 

Vintage is making a comeback this year. However, now the rings won’t be entirely vintage. Instead, they will include only vintage elements. This style is always suitable for engagements rings since it is very classy and it is not affected by any trends.

Bigger and Bolder 

In last years, stones are more and they are bigger. No matter what design, metal, style or stone you pick, make sure it is a showstopper!


This is not a new trend. It appeared in 2016 and it seems that its popularity will continue all through this year. A good thing to know about this shape is that it combines well with vintage styles and elements.

Eternity Bands

Many women now prefer to receive eternity brands instead of traditional engagements rings. These rings are a symbol of the couple’s deep love and feelings and it is a very original and thoughtful gesture.

Fancy-Coloured Stones 

A fancy-coloured stone is a stone which has a colour different from its traditional one. The interesting colour is a result of some natural anomaly and is very impressive. Fancy-coloured stones can make any engagement ring look unique and pretty.

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