Beginner’s Guide for Choosing Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are inevitable part of the wedding ceremony, because they add color and liveliness to the event like nothing else. Flowers are essential in almost every part of a wedding from the bridal bouquet to the rich floral decorations at the wedding reception. If you are a newbie to wedding flowers, here are some easy-to-follow tips to  choosing your floral decor.

If you have no idea how to choose the flowers for your wedding bouquet and decoration, you should start by looking at pictures of floral bouquet arrangements and decor for inspiration. The first step is to choose the overall color combination for your wedding. In this way you will narrow down your search by looking for flower arrangements based on your desired wedding color. You have the absolute freedom to use all online and offline resources while looking for the perfect bouquet that will look so beautiful in your arms while you are walking down the aisle. Once you find it, just print it out and bring it to the florist.

Actually, bringing a picture of want you want will be of great help to your florist since it is often hard for them to read your mind on the vision you have for your wedding simply based on descriptions. Pictures will leave little room for misinterpretation and dissatisfaction. However, if there is nothing that catches your eye, there is something else you can do. You can provide swatches of your wedding color scheme instead, so that your florist could recommend works which they have done before.

Flowers can also be chosen because they have a personal significance. This can make even the tiniest floral detail more meaningful. No matter if you like tulips because that was the first flower your fiance gave you, or the scent of the rose reminds you of the rose perfume he bought for you on Valentine’s Day, you can use that to make your floral decoration really special. Just keep in mind that flowers with significance tell a story, and it is always better to choose blossoms based on what they mean to you instead of only because they match the color scheme.

As you can see our easy-to-follow tips can turn the responsible task of choosing wedding flowers into a piece of cake, even for a beginner like you!

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