Basic Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom

Usually, women are more excited about their wedding day than men. That is why brides-to-be are more involved in the wedding planning process, while their grooms stay at a safe distance from this activity. However, gentlemen should avoid being passive, if they want to keep their better half happy and less stressed. Here are some basic wedding tips which grooms should follow.

Pay attention to your looks 

Almost every bride-to-be undergoes a heavy diet or workout regimen in order to look at her best on the wedding. Grooms should also pay more attention to their appearance before the Big Day. First, start with your wedding suit. See if it fits you well and whether you feel comfortable in it. Make any additional fittings and changes if necessary. Second, get in shape. Do some more exercises and cut on the beer. A pot-belly is the worst “accessory” that you can wear at your wedding.

Have equal responsibilities

In most of the cases, brides like to take the lead in the wedding preparation. However, avoid being a mere observer. Make sure you offer your assistance and take on a few tasks yourself. For example, you can choose suits for yourself and your best man. Also, you can send out the invites or simply carry the more heavy decorations. Just do anything that can be helpful.

Don’t stress out 

Your wife-to-be is already under a lot of pressure. If she sees that you also crack down, that will make her feel less patient and more panicked. Therefore, don’t forget to say a few words of encouragement and praise. Tell her that she is doing great and show her that she is not alone in this.


As we already mentioned a number of times, women tend to generally care more about this event than men. That is why you should be ready to follow her ideas. Many ladies dream about their wedding from a very early age. They have planned this day a long time ago and now they will do anything to turn it into reality. Keep that in mind and oppose her as little as possible. Just remind her to stay within the budget.

A simple “Thank you!”

Contrary to the belief, “I love you!” is not what every bride-to-be wants to hear before her wedding. Words of gratitude can do miracles and eliminate a big part of the wedding stress. Tell your better half that you are thankful for all her efforts. You can even get her a gift to show her your gratitude.

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